5 Things to Know When Selling Ranch or Waterfront Property


It’s easy to feel like your beloved ranch or waterfront home will sell itself. But the reality is that when you put your home on the market, it will face some serious competition. It’s important to do everything you can to sell not just the land, but the lifestyle that comes with it—this is ultimately what will attract buyers. Here are some of the best tips to know when it comes to selling ranch or waterfront property:

1. Knowing what your property is worth is key Price is always the biggest factor that determines whether or not a home sells. This is why it’s never a bad idea to have a highly experienced professional appraise your property. Knowing what your ranch or waterfront land is worth is vital to a fair sale. Oftentimes owners believe their property is worth much more than it actually is, but finding that sweet spot in the price range is the best way to attract a buyer’s attention. If you make the mistake of pricing it wrong, it will sit rather than sell or you could lose out on potential profits.

2. Your land should be as attractive as possible when it comes time to sell Curb appeal is already extremely important, so you should keep in mind that waterfront properties technically have two curbs. This may sound obvious, but prior to putting your property on the market, you should pull out all the stops to spruce up the land. Part of this is clearing out all the clutter. Homeowners with lots of land tend to compile equipment, vehicles, and other junk that may give the property a run-down appearance. Another factor is knowing the most attractive aspects of the land and adequately showing those parts off to potential buyers. Clearing out any brush that blocks a beautiful lake view can change the entire appeal of your waterfront property.

3. Updating your infrastructure can help generate maximum interest Buyers want to feel assured that all of the included structures are functional before buying a home. If you’re selling a ranch, you should definitely get your fences in tip-top shape. A fresh coat of paint and newly cleaned windows can help a home tremendously. Everybody loves a remodeled kitchen. Improving barns, docks, boathouses, storm shutters, and other amenities will pay off with better offers.

4. Everything should be done by the books The laws and regulations of buying and selling these types of properties are strict, and they vary from state to state. Selling a farm or ranch may come with tax rates based on the land’s assets. Waterfront owners should know their exact rights to the land, shoreline, and water. Docks come with an especially high number of legal hoops and requirements—you should make sure you have all the necessary permits before putting your home on the market.

5. You need to market appropriately All of the above steps won’t mean anything unless you have the right real estate agent pushing your listing to buyers. It takes a special set of expertise to sell ranch or waterfront properties. At Carpenter Real Estate, we know how to sell the ranch and waterfront lifestyle. We will knowingly and aggressively market your property to the right buyers to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment. Feel free to reach out to us with all of your ranch and waterfront selling needs.

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